Windows 10 Mobile Insiders to get auto-publishing firmware updates starting tomorrow, Lumia 950 updates today

Mark Coppock

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Microsoft announced last week that Windows 10 Mobile Insiders could receive firmware updates on their devices by setting them back to Production rings. Today, Microsoft is making the new process official starting with the Lumia 950, and tomorrow will begin pushing firmware updates to all Insiders without the manual step of setting a device to Production status.

The company made the announcement over at the Microsoft Community:

What’s happening today:

We are launching an additional group of firmware updates for Lumia 950 devices. To check and see if your device has an available update, please see this link: Firmware variants

For today only, if you want this new firmware, please switch to the Production ring on your device, check for updates, and then switch back to your desired Insider ring after you have completed the firmware update.

Having to switch to the Production ring for firmware updates is what we announced we have been working to eliminate. And it’s with excitement that I share the next announcement.

Auto-Publishing Firmware for Windows Insiders is Going Live:
It starts tomorrow! As of March 3rd at 10am PST, all firmware updates for Win10 devices will be auto-published for Insiders. This allows us to deliver on our goal of eliminating the gap in time between when firmware is available for Retail users and Windows Insiders, as well as eliminating the manual steps that were previously required (switching to the Production ring).

Again, if you’re on a Lumia 950 on Windows Insider, you’ll want to set the device back to Production in the Windows Insiders app to receive today’s firmware update. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to receive firmware updates on any Windows Insider device without taking any manual steps.

Microsoft has published a list of devices that have new firmware updates here. Be sure to check it out to see if your devices is due any updates.