Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview preps devices with a 'configuration' update

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Microsoft seemingly has a lot to prove when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile. So far, updates for Insiders feel few and far between as well offering little in the way of front-facing features to justify long waits between builds. Beyond lack of features and instabilities, the Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview has been recently plagued by installation issues for many users. Either updates take hours to complete, if at all, or during the process, phones become bricked for various reasons.
By no means is the preview all doom and gloom, and to their credit the Windows team has made some significant strides. With each newer release of Windows 10 Mobile, users are inching closer to a relatively pleasurable experience.
A recently unannounced update to the Fast Ring Configuration set up has been released by Microsoft. The update can be found if a user checks for it under the Settings > Update & Security> Phone Update.
While there is little to no information on what the update involves or does, we’ve seen configuration updates such as this one in the past. Typically, the updates housed back-end tweaks and features for Windows engineers.  We venture to guess that this update is a prep update of sorts. Perhaps, the new update will lay the groundwork for relatively short and simple upgrades for Windows 10 Mobile Insiders on the Fast Ring update cycle.
For those looking forward to a new OS build with this update, keep in mind Windows 10 Mobile Insider build 10536 was just released last week, so the prospect of another build is slim to none. However, in light of Microsoft’s upcoming hardware preview in October followed by a possible Windows 10 Mobile release in November, Insiders shouldn’t have to wait too long for another build or an RTM client.
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