Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 14342.1004 released to the Slow Ring

Kareem Anderson

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Once again, the Windows team is shuffling the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 14342 down the line. Unfortunately, for those who were anticipating a new mobile build today with possible new features or global fixes, the Windows team instead brought news of build 14342 heading to Slow Ring participants.

Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14342 has been updated and re-rolled out to Insiders for the past two weeks as a sub-point upgrade similar to a cumulative update release, and now that same build is ready to make the rounds for the Slow Ring.

As a bit of a refresher, build 14342 included a handful of new features, known issues, and a host of fixes such as:

What’s new:

  • Swipe navigation in Microsoft Edge: Since the release of Windows 10 Mobile, our top feedback request for Microsoft Edge has been asking for the return of the swipe gesture to navigate back and forward. With this build, you can now swipe from anywhere on the page to get back to your previous page.
  • Apps for websites: As we discussed at Build 2016, you will soon be able to redirect certain websites to open with an app instead. This is a new capability, so apps that support this are still in progress. In preparation for their availability, we have added a new page to Settings > System > Apps for websites where you will be able to manage them. Stay tuned for more on this.

Known issues:

  • UPDATE: After your device reboots from installing this update, if it gets stuck as the Windows logo – let it sit and be patient. It might appear frozen but its still working in the background. While you wait, it is recommended you plug your phone in and let it charge as well. For more details – see this forum post.
  • The Settings app may crash when you are re-arranging Quick Actions under Settings > System > Notification & actions. If it does, it could result in one of the Quick Action spots disappearing. If you see this happen, please refrain from changing your Quick Action settings on this build. If you have been impacted by this issue, only a hard reset will revert your Quick Action settings back to default.
  • UPDATE 5/31: We are aware of issues with some apps such as Microsoft Health running in the background causing higher than normal battery drain.

What’s fixed:

  • Language and Speech Packs should download without any errors.
  • We have fixed the issue causing DRM-protected content from services like Groove Music, Microsoft Movies & TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video or Hulu to fail on playback with 0x8004C029 or 0x8004C503 errors.
  • We fixed the issue where some users with some non-English keyboards were not able to enter letters such as w, y, and a when typing into the address bar of the Edge browser.
  • We fixed the issue causing your phone to lock up and reboot when it receives a notification from an app that has “Keep notifications private on the lock screen” turned on under Settings > System > Notifications & actions.

Just to list a few. Check out our previous stories for more details.

Windows 10 Mobile Insiders on the Slow Ring are encouraged to pick up the new build and test out the fixes and features for themselves. While it’s not a new update for Fast Ring Insiders, it’s good to know the Windows team hasn’t forgotten the importance of users willing to wait for a more polished experience.