Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 14267 has one known issue, Visual Voicemail is broken

Mark Coppock

Updated on:

WIndows 10 Mobile Windows Insider Build 10586.71

Microsoft just surprised us on a Friday afternoon with a new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build, 14267, which is released for devices that shipped with Windows 10 Mobile. That means you, Lumia 950, 950 XL, 550, and Xiaomi Mi4 owners. The build offers a number of new features, and only one known issue.

If you’re a Visual Voicemail user on any of the included devices, then you’ll want to make note:

Visual Voicemail notification and delivery is not working in this build; causing devices to not receive any new visual voicemails. You can manually check your voicemail by calling your voicemail to listen to any new messages. You can call your voicemail within the Phone app by clicking “…” > Settings > “Change more settings for Phone” > “Call voicemail”; this will also leave the Voicemail call in your history to make checking voicemail easier.

That’s it, though. Voicemail works, but your ability to access Visual Voicemail is missing. If you discover anything else that’s broken, let us know in the comments.