Windows 10 Mobile build 10134 in internal testing, but won't be released to Insiders

Windows 10 Mobile build 10134 in internal testing, but won't be released to Insiders

With Windows 10’s feature development locked down for a July 29th release date, parts of the Windows team may be finally splitting their time amongst Windows Mobile 10 development. Windows 10 on the desktop has seen fairly steady iteration. The Windows team has added refinements to the settings menus, Explorer settings, taskbar icons, start and notifications screens as well some polish to Cortana. However, when looking at the development of Windows Mobile, and there is a lot to be desired. As the Windows team puts the final touches on the first wave of updates and features for Windows 10, the mobile team continues to struggle with resolution, broken apps, an unstable start screen, upgrade paths and frequent reboots.

Some Insiders were able to brush off the almost unusable builds by acknowledging the reality of Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile is necessary to less than 3% of the smartphone world while Windows 10 needs to be a hit for over 85% of PC users. Microsoft’s priorities lay with making Windows 10 useable and enjoyable to the Windows 8 critics. Arguably the company is in encroaching on that threshold quickly. With that box checked, Gabe Aul is taking to Twitter again, to offer some development crumbs to Windows Mobile users.

It would appear the Windows team is finally ready to deliver a decent build to Windows Mobile Insiders. Gabe’s note of skipping 10134 may mean, however, the Mobile Insiders will have to wait just a bit longer before they get their hands on the next stable build. With any luck, mobile insiders should have the new build within the next couple of weeks. We reported earlier on leaked features that mobile insiders might be receiving with the next build 10127. Beyond stability, the next Windows 10 Mobile Insider build should also make way for more landscape oriented viewing within core applications such as the settings menus. Mobile insiders should expect new mapping layouts and features as well as new camera tweaks that allow for focus and color balance while recording video. Since many of these features are from a leaked build older than 10134, it seems safe to assume, mobile insiders should also expect some features not yet revealed.

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