Windows 10 Mobile gets big attention on YouTube following an HP Elite x3 unboxing video

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It's no secret that Windows 10 Mobile isn't the most popular mobile operating system, nor is Windows Phone as a whole, however, in a somewhat rare occurrence, Windows 10 Mobile and more specifically, the HP Elite x3, is receiving some fairly large attention following a video that was posted on YouTube.

The video is one of those standard unboxing videos, in which a person will unbox a product and give their initial thoughts on it, all the way from set-up to actually using it. For this video, YouTuber Austin Evans, who has over 1.5 million subscribers and is a YouTube Verified, is unboxing the HP Elite x3, while talking specifically about Windows 10 Mobile.

Overall, a very interesting video and definitely one that will make at least a few people look at Windows 10 Mobile.

As usual, and as expected on YouTube, the comments section is as toxic as ever - so we advise staying a little clear from that on the video.

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