Windows 10 Mobile Facebook Beta app update brings inline comments and more

The Facebook Beta app for Windows 10 Mobile just received a feature packed update today that includes inline commenting, post editing, and a few more profile management tools.

On the Windows 10 Mobile platform, there are two versions of Facebook’s popular social networking app called Facebook and Facebook Beta. Both Facebook and Facebook Beta are collaborative efforts between Microsoft and Facebook to deliver Windows Phone users a similar social networking experience as other platforms posses.

Facebook and Facebook Beta act as Windows 10 and Windows 10 Insider Preview analogies for most mobile users. The official Facebook app represents the Slow Ring of development for the app where updates are sparse but concrete. Facebook Beta, on the other hand, is much more like the Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring, where developers pump out update after update full of new and test-worthy features that may or may not wind up on the official Facebook app.

user over at Windows Central noticed in today’s update that Facebook Beta user now gain access to editing their cover photos in their profile section, replies to inline comments as well as editing the status of your profile. The app also received a bump in its numbering scheme, up to 10.1.101.

We can also assume the update brought the usual bug and performance fixes as an update with lack of a detailed changelog traditionally implies.

Facebook users on Windows 10 Mobile, can head over to the Windows Store to snag the latest Beta update and try the new settings and features for themselves following the link below.

Facebook Beta
Facebook Beta
Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: unknown
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