Windows 10 Mobile Emulator build 10586 begins its roll out

As each day passes, the Windows team appears to be closing in on a build that will eventually make its way to the two Lumia flagships scheduled for release later this month, as well as older handsets by the end of the year. Last week, Windows 10 Mobile Insiders were delivered build 10581 which brought a hefty helping of optimizations and fixes.
The latest build, while miles ahead of previous releases regarding performance, still host a few un-optimized edges, and the speculation was that a newer build would surface to offer the final polish to Windows 10 Mobile. Moments ago, some Insiders began tweeting about receiving the 'Final bits' of 10586 Mobile Emulator. With Windows 10 for PCs resting on the same build number for its Fall Update release, it seems more than reasonable to believe that Mobile will also have the same numbering release.

As for an emulator release, it’s a testable build of the Windows 10 mobile platform designed for use on a PC only, unfortunately. However, Windows 10 Mobile fans with PCs can now get a quick look and feel for what is believed to the final build before its pushed to Windows phones out in the wild.
Much of Windows 10 Mobile is complete, as far as significant feature implementation, but bug fixes and optimizations tend always to be a welcomed commodity.
The emulator can be picked up here.
Let us know your thoughts about the build, your Windows Insider experience thus far. Thanks to @tfwboredom for the tip!

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