Windows 10 Mobile Continuum to get Xbox One controller support and much more

Microsoft announced yesterday at Build 2016 that Windows 10 is getting an Anniversary update that will introduce new features on Windows 10 PCs, phones, Xbox One, IoT, and HoloLens. While Microsoft mostly discussed new Windows 10 features during the introducing keynote yesterday, new Windows 10 Mobile features were later revealed during a session about Continuum for phone according to a report from Windows Central.

First, the new Continuum experience will allow Windows 10 Mobile users to cast their phone to any Windows 10 PC. While Windows 10 devices can already connect to wireless displays using Miracast, this new Continuum feature between Windows 10 phones and PCs is quite different as it would cast the phone UI within a window (full screen or not) on any Windows 10 PC. This feature could be useful if you want to quickly access all your apps and personal data on any Windows 10 PC while keeping everything on your phone.

In addition, Microsoft demoed how Windows 10 Mobile users could run Win32 legacy apps through Continuum using their Remote desktop app and Azure Remote App, which is a new technology that will enable deployments of legacy Windows apps in the cloud to access from your phone. This is quite similar to the "HP workspace" technology that HP plans to enable on its upcoming Elite X3 handset to run virtualized legacy Windows apps.

Lastly, the Anniversary Update will finally add support for the Xbox One controller on Windows 10 Mobile. This feature will not only allow users to plug the controller into the Continuum dock to play supported UWP games on a big screen over Continuum, but it would also be possible to plug the Xbox controller directly into the phone using an adapter.

We're looking forward to hear more about the Xbox One controller support on Windows 10 Mobile, and we're wondering if it could open the way for Xbox One game streaming on Windows phones in the future. Please tell us in the comments what do you think about these upcoming Windows 10 Mobile features.

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