Windows 10 Mobile Camera app updated for all users with Panorama mode

Email Twitter: @TheTechChat Aug 24th, 2016 inNews

About a month ago, Microsoft released a version of the Windows 10 Mobile app to Windows Insiders that support Panorama mode. This feature that was once a stalwart of Lumia Windows Phones has been missing in action in Windows 10 Mobile, leaving Microsoft’s mobile platform at yet another disadvantage against its iOS and Android competition.

Today, however, Microsoft has apparently decided to fix this discrepancy, pushing an update to the Windows 10 Mobile Camera app for all users that adds in Panorama mode. Now, all Windows 10 Mobile users can take wide shots capturing all of the glory of cityscapes, landscapes, sporting events, and more.

Windows 10 Mobile Panorama mode

Windows 10 Mobile Panorama mode.

If you’re running Windows 10 Mobile, then hit the update button in the Windows Store. Let us know in the comments what you think of the new Panorama mode.

Windows Camera
Windows Camera
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