Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 finds 200 Insiders before being pulled

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As a follow-up to Friday's little insider build mishap, Gabe Aul confirms on Twitter that the lucky individuals who snagged the update before it got pulled numbers to around 200.
In some sense, lucky isn't the right word to describe these Insiders, as the reason build 10536 was pulled to begin with was that it prevents installers from updating to subsequent builds, ironically defeating the whole point of the Insider program. Worse yet, those two hundred individuals will have roll back to Windows Phone 8.1 completely in order to get back on track with updates. Ouch.

In response to an individual with the update queued but not yet installed, Gabe indicated that once the build update is queued, the only way to unqueue it is to reset the phone. A minor inconvenience, certainly more preferable to reverting back an entire OS.
This development is rather unfortunate, if not outright infuriating, considering the length of time since the last build, and the perhaps misguided teasing that led up to this mishap.
Fortunately, there is a way to preview the new build without collapsing the tunnel. Michael Boumann generously provided a video demo showcasing the new build, which you can see here, narrated by Zac Bowden's melodic voice.

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