Windows 10 Mobile build 10512 screenshots leak

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Windows 10 mobile

New screenshots Windows 10 Mobile have leaked onto the internet today, showcasing unreleased build 10512 from the TH2_RELEASE branch. As Microsoft announced earlier, the company is preparing to release a new Windows 10 Mobile build very soon. I mentioned recently that the build in question will be from the TH2_RELEASE branch, and now screenshots from that branch have leaked.

The screenshots are in Chinese, and don't show anything new. Windows 10 Mobile is pretty much feature complete at this point, so it is unlikely we'll see any new changes before it RTMs in September. Considering Windows 10 Mobile development has jumped over to TH2 (Threshold 2), which for those who don't know is codename for Windows 10 Update 1, the RTM build will match that of Update 1 for desktops, meaning Windows 10 Mobile will launch with Update 1, bringing PC and mobile up to date.

Windows 10 mobile

Windows 10 mobile

Insiders have been eagerly awaiting a new Windows 10 Mobile build for sometime now, so hopefully we'll see a new build drop this week. What are your thoughts on these screenshots? Let us know below.

Windows 10 mobile

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