Windows 10 Mobile build 10136 has a migration bug

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Alert: Windows 10 Mobile Insiders, your 10136 build isn’t broken
Eager Windows 10 Mobile Insiders have been eagerly awaiting the next build for mobile, for what feels like an eternity. Today, Gabe and the Windows team finally delivered that build. Over the next couple of hours and days, we can expect to hear praises, complaints and commentary regarding the viability of the latest build. As much as the Windows team values feedback, Insiders should keep in mind quality feedback will help push the development of this operating system much faster than nitpicking and redundancy.

In the spirit of moving progress forward, we would like to remind Insiders of the known issues as well as warnings given from the Windows team. For Windows 10 Insider build 10136, there is an enormous warning issued.

“At the end of the upgrade the Lock screen will appear frozen without the date and time for up to 10 minutes. Please be patient and let it sit – eventually the date and time will appear, and it will allow you to unlock your phone. There is a post-upgrade migration status screen missing, which normally would show you that it was making progress. If you get impatient and restart or mess with locking/unlocking your phone, you’ll wind up in a funky state – so just relax and let it do its thing.”

Please keep this in mind when upgrading today or later this week. Reminding the Windows team of a bug they themselves have already warned about, does not help development along, but rather just adds to the noise the team has to sift through.

We will be adding screenshots, walkthroughs, videos and our running commentary throughout the week about build 10136, so please stay locked on WinBeta for your Windows 10 Mobile Insider news. Happy downloading today.

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