Windows 10: Microsoft is working to fix spontaneous system restarts aka 'dirty shutdowns'

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Windows 10: microsoft is working to fix spontaneous system restarts aka 'dirty shutdowns'

Microsoft is looking to fix an issue with Windows that causes spontaneous system restarts, also known as "dirty shutdowns." With the current development of Windows 10, Microsoft's Gabriel Aul has taken it to Twitter to reveal that less data is given when a Windows system performs a "dirty shutdown," so it is harder to dissect and figure out what is causing it.

However, for those of you who have experienced a "dirty shutdown" while working on an important document or while playing a resource intensive game, Microsoft is working on fixing this issue once and for all with Windows 10. A "dirty shutdown" is typically unexpected and does not produce a blue screen (BSOD). Rather, your computer just shuts off or sometimes reboots. 

We are glad to see Microsoft taking an open approach to feedback and addressing as many issues as they can. A new build of Windows 10 is expected in a few weeks for those of you who are a part of the Windows Insider Program.

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