Windows 10: Microsoft could be working on customizable lock screens, much like Windows Phone 8.1


With the recent Windows 10 build 9860, a number of enthusiasts, as usual, have begun digging deep in the operating system to find all the new bits Microsoft didn’t talk about. We’ve found a new app deep within Windows 10 build 9860 which enables a very special kind of lock screen, a comic-sans lock screen.

Upon further inspection, it looks like this is the basis of customizable lock screens. The image you see above is live, the notifications are correct and so is the time. You can even slide up, however it doesn’t unlock your system as it runs within a Modern UI window right now.

Looking closely at the files within the app, it appears 3rd-party apps will be able to utilize this, which means much like Windows Phone 8.1, app makers can customize the lock screen, finally. Hopefully this new addition makes it to the RTM version of Windows 10, and I hope more developers jump on-board with this ability.

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