Windows 10: Microsoft continues to refine and improve the user-interface -
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Windows 10: Microsoft continues to refine and improve the user-interface

Windows 10

Windows 10 build 10036 includes a number of new changes made by Microsoft over the last two months. Although the build which leaked doesn't include any of the bleeding edge UI improvements, it does include a few refinements and improvements which play a large part towards the final look which Windows 10 will RTM with. Task View, system elements, hover UI's are just some of the many UI's to receive refinements.

One of the most anticipated UI adjustments, being the transparent Start Menu is present in this build and is just a taste as to what's to come with the UI overall. WinBeta understands that many more elements of the UI will eventually receive transparent treatment, and that it'll be an option so those who do not like the idea of transparency can opt to not have it on.

Windows 10

The Start Menu also received a number of other refinements. Hit boxes are more streamlined, buttons are aligned better, icons are improved and the Start Menu overall is a better bit of kit than it was previously. Still, Insiders are waiting for jump lists and the ability to resize the Start Menu to make a return, something which has been missing since early 990x builds.

Other elements of the UI which have been improved include the Settings app. System elements have been updated to share the same elements found in the new Modern UI apps. This is part of Microsoft's push to help unify the UI across all areas of the operating system, across all devices.

Windows 10

Microsoft is still far from done with the UI in Windows 10. Internal builds which focus entirely on the UI are still testing new ideas everyday, so by the time Microsoft signs off Windows 10, we should have an attractive user-interface, and one which everybody will enjoy. The changes seen in build 10036 are small compared to what's coming, so stick around at WinBeta for more news regarding Windows 10.

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