Windows 10 Messaging app shown briefly in promo video

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Windows 10 Messaging app shown briefly in promo video

While Windows 10 has finally been polished up in the last couple of Insider prerelease builds, the operating system is missing a few features that didn’t make the cut for launch.  One of these features was the Messaging app whose concept screens were shown off at prior Microsoft events.  Besides those few screenshots, though, Microsoft has been pretty silent on the status of the app.

However, we’re now getting a little hint: Windows Central noticed that in a promotional video for Windows 10, notifications from the Messaging app were shown – albeit perhaps in the form of a mockup – in the Action Center.  In the video (and in the screenshot above) you can see the thread of messages along with a reply field.

The Messaging app is separate from the full Skype experience, which is available only as a “legacy” desktop application.  With apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp becoming so popular, Microsoft may be feeling pressure to remind people that Skype is one of the most ubiquitous ways to communicate.  Though whether the new Messaging app will keep users interested remains to be seen.  Do you picture yourself using something lightweight like this or do you like to use a more full-featured messaging app? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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