Windows 10 installs reach 18 million over launch weekend; not 67 million

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Late last week, a report emerged claiming Windows 10 had surpassed 67 million installs just 48 hours after it launched worldwide. Now, if you were like me in thinking that number was a bit optimistic, that’s because it was. Instead, my sources (who wish to remain anonymous) tell me that as of yesterday, Windows 10 had been installed on around 18 million machines total, definitely not 67 million.

Now, the 18 million number is an approximation as it’s difficult to give out an exact number because rather obviously the number is always increasing. My source told me the current rate was around 1000 per minute, or 60,000 an hour for a while yesterday. This rate is also constantly changing, so again it’s hard to give a definitive answer. It’s safe to say Windows 10 is yet to surpass 20 million installs.

There’s quite a large difference between 67 million and 18 million I know, but 18 million is still an impressive number, and one which can absolutely be considered for a successful launch. There’s no reason for things to not get better as time goes on either, as word is quickly spreading regarding the arrival of Windows 10, and we’re not even a week in after launch just yet.

Hopefully Microsoft will make another announcement regarding install numbers soon. Last week, we exclusively revealed that Windows 10 had surpassed 10 million installs not even a day after launch, not too long after Microsoft announced Windows 10 had reached 14 million installs total.

Windows 10 has had a very strong launch, and internally Microsoft are very pleased with the way things are currently moving. Now, the company is focussing on what’s next, with Update 1 and patches in between. Microsoft has a few things planned for Update 1, including a new Universal Messaging app and more. Insiders can expect to start receiving preview builds for Update 1 in the next few weeks.

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