Windows 10 Insiders gain Achievements for June Bug Bash participation

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Email Twitter: @TheTechChat Jul 8th, 2016 inNews

If you’ve been an active provider of feedback as a Windows Insider, then you’ve likely noticed your collection of Achievement badges located in your profile selection. Similar to gold stars received in elementary school for getting a good grade, the badges are handed out for everything from providing feedback to setting trends to being an early Windows Insider.

Apparently, Microsoft is now handing out Achievements for being a participant in the June Bug Bash. In case you’re unaware, the Bug Bash is an initiative meant to leverage the growing number of Windows Insider builds being released in preparation for the Anniversary Update coming on August 2.

The info comes from WinBeta tipster Brendon via email, and here’s what the Achievement looks like:

Feedback Hub Bug Bash Achievement

Feedback Hub Bug Bash Achievement.

There’s no monetary value to the Windows Insider feedback Achievements, but they do provide some nice bragging rights. If you participated in the Bug Bash and have received the Achievement, let us know in the comments.

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