Windows 10 Insiders already have today's public release, just check for system updates

Image Credit: Microsoft

There are several groups of individuals that have been rather busy for the last day or two. Perhaps, Microsoft being among the busiest, tasked with sending out the bits for Windows 10 to over millions of Windows users in over 190 countries over the last 12 to 24 hours. Second, journalist and forum managers rushing to fill in gaps and answer questions about the Windows 10 upgrades. Each one offering “How-to” pieces, feature reports,  and monitoring forums chalked full of horror stories about installations gone wrong. Third and most important are the individuals upgrading to Windows 10.

Windows users upgrading from older versions of Windows will be busy sitting behind screens watching progress bars and praying for a clean install. However, getting Windows 10 on their devices is only the start of their busy day. Many will continue to be busy spending the next couple of days orienting themselves with Windows 10 and many of its new features.

In all of this commotion, there is a final group of people who may have gotten lost in the fray. They are the Windows 10 Insiders. Gabe Aul, General Manager of the OSG Data and Fundamentals team took to Twitter today to explain that Windows 10 Insiders can sit this one out today. According to Gabe, “If you have 10240 installed, you're on the same build we're giving out today. Install latest updates from WU and you're set!”

Instead of furiously hitting update buttons, spending hours mindlessly watching progress bars, or searching forums for the details of obscure error codes prompted by bad installs, Windows 10 Insiders can avoid the Windows 10 noise today.

It may feel anticlimactic for some Windows 10 Insiders who have been on build 10240 for a week or so, but it should be a relief for others who may have other pressing matters to attend to today.

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