The next Windows 10 Mobile build is in testing, but no new build today

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During the lead up to the July release of Windows 10, Microsoft reiterated that not only was Windows 10 a continual work in progress but that the Windows 10 Insider program would continue to help future development. The same mentality has been applied to Windows 10 Mobile development as well. Armed with this information, Windows 10 Mobile Insiders are chomping at the bit to receive the next build for testing. Last week, the Windows team released mobile build 10512. Unfortunately for many, the build failed to address some major bugs and issues that carried over from earlier builds.
While Microsoft hasn’t officially revealed an ETA for the next build, the Windows team is hard at work to deliver a new build very soon. According to Gabe Aul, vice president of WDG Engineering Systems, a new build is working its way through internal rings.


Unfortunately, that build is not ready and will not be landing on phones today for Insiders. The Windows team has no ETA on when the new build will be Insider ‘available’ either. While the Windows team has referenced over 2,000 fixes have been pushed out to Windows Mobile Insiders on build 10512, many Insiders are still running into major issues, as well new ones that have cropped up with the new build. Windows 10 Mobile arguably still needs a lot of work.
Updated: The post has been updated to clarify that this applies to Windows 10 Mobile, not Windows 10 for desktop.

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