Windows 10 build 14391 'What's New' section highlights native USB Audio 2.0 support and more

Windows 10 Insider program lead Dona Sarkar has been delivering preview builds to eager testers on a fairly regular basis.

While she and the Windows team’s timing on releasing new builds may have some Insiders still scratching their heads, Windows 10 Insider preview build 14961 sits waiting in the Update Settings page for many.

Today’s build brings with it a PC exclusivity release as Sarkar notes that:

We are continuing to investigate two issues that came up with last week’s flight of Build 14926 for Mobile. After upgrading to Build 14926, some Insiders reported that the pin pad is no longer visible to unlock their phone even after rebooting the phone and some phones lost the ability to use their SIM card. In both cases, a hard reset of resolves the issue. Based on the feedback we received from Insiders, we have decided not to release a new Mobile build this week until we get fixes for these two issues.

With that being said, here is what’s new for Insiders testing preview build 14931.

Feedback Hub Update: Feedback Hub has been updated to version 1.1608.2441.0. This update contains some highly requested features from Windows Insiders including dark mode, showing the original feedback author in the feedback details, and a settings page for Feedback Hub. To enable dark mode, just go into settings in Feedback Hub.

Maps App Update: The Maps app was updated to version 5.1609.2580.0+ last week. You can now you can check the traffic to your Home or Work locations at any time by tapping the Traffic icon in the app bar. You will see traffic conditions to Home and Work and your most recently viewed traffic cameras so that you can stay on top of the road conditions along your route. Additionally, the Maps app now follows your system setting for theme preference for light or dark mode. And you can choose to change the map theme too!

Windows 10 build 14931 updated maps
Windows 10 build 14931 updated maps

Send SMS with Skype Preview: You can now try out sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages directly from a Windows 10 PC when Skype on their Windows 10 Mobile phone is set as the default messaging app. Give it a try and let us know what you think. For more details, see this blog post from the Skype Team.

Maps app was updated to version 5.1609.2580.0
Maps app was updated to version 5.1609.2580.0

Native support for USB Audio 2.0: We now have native support for USB Audio 2.0 devices with an inbox class driver! This is an early version of the driver that does not have all features enabled, for e.g.: only playback (render) is supported with this version. Recording (Capture) support is scheduled to arrive in later iterations. We encourage you to play with the driver and let us know what you think (using the Feedback app). If you already have third-party drivers for your USB Audio 2.0 device installed, follow instructions in this blog post to switch to using the inbox class driver.

Other improvements and fixes for PC

We fixed the issue causing people to experience a black screen when signing out and switching to another user account and unable to log into that account.

We fixed the issue causing the built-in Windows 10 apps such as Calculator, Alarms & Clock, and Voice Recorder to not work after updating to a new build.

Besides the audio support improvements and a few system optimization tweaks, much of today’s preview build is app feature updates.

Fast Ring Insiders are encouraged to visit their Update Settings page to grab the new build.

Happy downloading, Insiders!

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