Are you facing issues upgrading to Windows 10 build 10159? You're not alone

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In a shocking turn of events, the Windows team released back to back builds this week. On Monday, Insiders were treated to, what they thought, was a polished up pre-RTM flight in build 10158. Surprisingly, on Tuesday, Insiders on the Fast Ring were given yet another build, also promising even more stability and polish with build 10159.

Monday’s build 10158 brought spit and shine to Windows’ new Edge browser, font rendering, transitions, and animations, and built-in apps like Mail and Store. The feature leap from build 10158 to 10159 appears to be minor, so much so, that the usually chatty Gabe Aul left Insiders with a blog post only highlighting 300 nondescript fixes.

While build 10159 may be a minor refinement upgrade, Insiders were chomping at the bit to upgrade their systems. As with most Insider updates, there were some hurdles and obstacles to overcome during the upgrade process with build 10159. As the dust settles, some Insiders have reported that their systems are not fetching the update at all. Others Insiders are reporting being trapped in an update loop that has their update settings stuck at percentage intervals of either 0%, 23% or 35%.

Are you facing issues upgrading to Windows 10 build 10159? You're not alone

Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions that may help usher the update along. The easiest and least evasive way to push the update forward is to reboot your system. For some, it may take several restarts for the update to start showing progress. Anecdotal accounts have Insiders having to reboot their systems up to five times before the progress bar began to move, so be patient.

For the more daring of Insiders, we have found that there is some Windows trickery that can be done to super boost the upgrade process. Head over to the WindowsClub for instructions to perform the fix.

While this may work for some, we would like to remind the curious, that this is an anecdotal suggestion, and not a verified Microsoft workaround, so we cannot recommend it at this time. As Insiders, many have signed up for the occasional crash reboot, or app failure, so we understand that workarounds are sometimes required, but again, utilizing the above technique is not entirely endorsed, so proceed at your own risk.

Let us know in the comments section below if you've experienced any issues upgrading lately, and how you went about solving them.

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