Windows 10 getting DPI improvements, more info on the way

One of the main problems that has been plagueing Windows on the desktop in general amid the industry-wide march towards higher and higher resolution displays, is while all the modern apps and new interfaces are completely resolution-independent, many legacy desktop programs still refuse to upscale correctly, resulting in blurry text and tiny icons (The Adobe suite was one of the chief perpetrators before their Surface-optimization), and the problem still persists even in Windows 10 with all its improvements. A tweet from a Microsoft Windows manager today implies that Microsoft have finally found a system-wide solution.
In an exchange concerning DPI-scaling issues (specifically calling out Skype for Desktop) on the Surface Book's high resolution screen,  senior program manager from the Windows Insider Program Brandon LeBlanc has revealed that there are DPI improvements in "current builds of Windows 10".

DPI-scaling has been a long time pain for Windows and Brandon is promising an Insider Hub post about Microsoft's new fixes, which we are eagerly awaiting. We will have more as soon as the info comes. In the meantime, stay tuned to WinBeta for the latest news.

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