Windows 10 gets Spotify radio station support in latest Spoticast update

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Many users opt to put aside Microsoft’s Groove music app to divulge in the free listening from Spotify’s subscription model. Unfortunately for them, Spotify doesn’t (yet) have a Windows 10 and Xbox One app. The popular third-party¬†app Spoticast, is continually improving to bring the best music listening experience that it can.

The recent updates for Spoticast gave users the ability to create a radio station based on their searches. This radio station will play similar songs that match your selected categories or by choosing a track, album, or artist. Besides this feature, the app was given basic upgrades to performance and squashed some bugs.

Spoticast for Spotify music app

Some might say that Spoticast is better than Spotify itself since the app can be bought for $4.99 on Windows Store and doesn’t require a premium subscription to access the features. It even has a special free trial for one day to let users know what they are getting if they make the purchase.

It’s worth noting that if you try to use the Xbox One Spoticast app, it may have an error with the cursor or media loop. The developer’s note on the changelog in the app says this only happens on the first launch and by relaunching the app it will be fixed. The issue is being looked into.

Plug in your headphones and download the Spoticast update via the link below.

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