Windows 10 is the fastest growing Windows ever, and there are 1.2 billion Office users

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Microsoft's Build 2016 kicked off bright and early this morning, and CEO Satya Nadella was first up. He started off talking about optimism and the Microsoft platform's bright future, and had some interesting numbers and facts to talk about.

First up, he mentioned that there are 1.2 billion Office users who will be able to access the platform from across the cloud. Developers will benefit from these users accessing their applications.

Next, he mentioned that Windows 10 is the fastest growing Windows ever, an important fact for developers and an incentive to get them developing Universal Windows Apps. Over 270 million people are running Windows 10, a significant jump from the previous 200 million metric.

"We're also going to talk about how in gaming and consumptive applications we're going to open up both the PC and the console for new opportunities for developers."

Keep tuned to WinBeta for ongoing Build 2016 news!

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