Windows 10 "Fall Update" could launch November 10th

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Last week, I reported that Microsoft was planning to launch the Windows 10 “Fall Update” on November 2nd, but Microsoft was unable to sign off on a final build last week meaning they still don’t have anything ready. So November 2nd isn’t happening now, but according to a Microsoft Support Engineer, the 10th it is.
The Support Engineer on the Microsoft Answer forums has said the Windows 10 “Fall Update” will launch on November 10th, bringing with it Cortana support in India. That’s one of many things coming in the “Fall Update”, other features include UI improvements, Edge improvements and a new Messaging app.
Assuming the Support Engineer knows what he’s talking about, the 10th gives Microsoft one more week to sign off on a final build for the Fall Update, after missing their planned deadline last week, they’ll probably want to sign off on a final build very soon so they can ship to Insiders for final testing, much like how they did with the original Windows 10 RTM.
Thanks for the tip, Sumit Dhiman

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