Businesses can evaluate Windows 10 Enterprise with free 90 day trial

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Windows 10 Enterprise can be tried out for free for 90 days by businesses

While Windows 10 is free for personal users, enterprise users have to pay a pretty penny. If your business is on the fence about Windows 10 enterprise being worth the money to upgrade, you can try it out for ninety days. Windows 10 Enterprise offers a variety of new features that are geared towards corporations and businesses.

To try it out, or “evaluate” as Microsoft refers to it, business can download it from the TechNet Evaluation Center. A page on “What’s new in Windows 10” at the TechNet site outlines in full detail what business get with the upgrade.

There are multiple download options. Microsoft points enterprises to Volume Licensing Service Center if you’d like to upgrade a large number of devices. There are also ISOs available including for Volume Licensing customers.

Windows 10 Enterprise can be used as part of the Windows Insider Program but it will not work after October 1. Business will have to pay to upgrade if they’d like to use it in the long term. Also, companies running the Insider Program will have to reinstall programs and data. Microsoft states “After October 1, a clean installation of Windows 10, the Windows 10 Enterprise 90-day Evaluation, or your former operating system will be required; and you will need to reinstall all of your programs and data.”

While personal users are enticed to upgrade to Windows 10 by new features, a major draw is that the upgrade is free. That isn’t the case for enterprises which will spend thousands upgrading all of their devices. A ninety day trial gives them a fairly long windows to evaluate if Windows 10 Enterprise is worth the investment.

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