Windows 10 Edge gets a Microsoft Rewards extension -
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Windows 10 Edge gets a Microsoft Rewards extension

According to WC, Microsoft added another extension to Edge. Microsoft Rewards. The Microsoft Rewards extension is being launched in preview but it allows users to gain rewards by searching the internet via Bing. Additionally, the Microsoft Rewards extension can also allow you to see current offers, quizzes available to gain more Rewards points, and more.

Here's the list of features of the Microsoft Rewards extension:

  • Clearly see when you are actively browsing - So you know when you're earning points.
  • Easy access - Quickly access daily offers and quizzes to earn additional points.
  • See your rewards status - including points balance, daily points earned, and progress towards a redemption goal.

Download the Microsoft Rewards extension for Edge below. Let us know in the comments if the extension helps you maximize your Microsoft Rewards.

Microsoft Rewards
Microsoft Rewards
Price: Free

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