Windows 10 developer talks up the advantages of PC and tablet development, and other tips

Microsoft has a lot of tips for people who want to develop apps for Windows 10, but at the end of the day, the best tips are always going to come from the people who are having success creating apps on their own. In the pursuit of offering that perspective, Microsoft brought on developers "Game Troopers" to write up a few tips to up-and-coming studios.

In the post, the number one tip may perhaps be the most helpful to up-and-coming developers:

#1 Target desktops

The launch of Windows 10 has allowed Game Troopers to publish more of its titles on desktop PC and tablets, and it’s seeing the benefits. For example, the shooter “Overkill 3” has received 2,000,000 downloads on Windows 10 PC compared to 90,000 downloads for Windows phone.

As Microsoft continues to implement its Windows 10 strategy, it's clear that developers are well-served by pursuing the much-larger Windows 10 PC market. For a Windows phone developer like this one, Windows PCs and tablets have clearly offered up an expanded market.

The other tips include:

#2 Cross-promotion

Because Game Troopers has a stable of successful games, the company can cross-promote them across their user base through interstitial ads inside the games.

For example, a player of one of Game Troopers’ popular free-to-play games, such as ”Make It Rain: The Love of Money,” may see an ad for one of the publisher’s newer games, such as “Panzer Geekz.”

#3 Get featured

“Our most powerful tool for driving downloads is to get featured in the Windows Store,” said Alex.

He noted that getting featured can result in an increase of 50,000 downloads for a single title, especially games with broad appeal such as “Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops.”

#4 Be casual

Casual games tend to be better bets for finding an audience in Windows Store, said Alex. These games typically have simple rules, can be played in short chunks, and don’t have the complexity of “hardcore” games.

#5 Go free-to-play

Game Troopers’ most profitable games are free-to-play, said Alex. They’re easier to market because players tend to be more interested in trying out a game for free instead of forking over cash up front.

“Free-to-play games also allow us to insert advertisements, such as cross-promotions, and is a better platform for engaging users,” Alex said, adding that video ads offer an instant revenue return.

Game Troopers has a number of games available in the Windows Store. Go check them out, and if you're a developer, this sounds like sage advice.

Update: This story originally contained a misrepresentation of the source material, specifically stating that the developer was implying that the Windows phone market is no longer viable. We apologize for the original version, and believe that this revised version better represents the spirit of the source blog post. Simply put, while we at WinBeta are as uncertain as many of our readers about the direction of Microsoft in the smartphone market and how exactly things will ultimately play out with Windows 10 Mobile, we in no way want to join in the negativity that often swirls around the topic. Certainly, it's not our intent to capitalize on this negativity simply to generate clicks.

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