Windows 10 Creators Update rollout is on track, Microsoft says

It has been roughly six weeks since the Windows 10 Creators Update first started rolling out worldwide, and today Microsoft is giving an update on the status of the rollout. In a new blog post penned by John Cable, director of Program Managment, Windows Servicing and Delivery, Microsoft highlights that the rollout is on track, and is steadily expanding to tens of millions more devices.

According to the post, with feedback from customers, and knowing that the biggest issues have been resolved, Microsoft is able to roll out the Creators Update to more devices. One of the first major rollout expansions was timed with the feedback from Windows 10 users, released earlier in May with quality updates.

This focus on feedback and customer experience enables us to make updates a key part of our rollout plan: We can rollout to more and more devices with increased confidence knowing we’ve addressed the biggest experience issues facing our customers. The first major rollout expansion was timed with our May monthly quality update that addressed known issues from user feedback.

In addition to the news about the rollout, Microsoft is highlighting and expressing appreciation for the key input that Windows 10 users provide in the Feedback Hub. The company believes that the feedback given through the Feedback hub is key. John Cable explains.

Besides being an information source that we monitor closely, the Feedback Hub application offers a few key advantages. If you have your privacy settings enabled at the Full level, then the Feedback Hub application can capture valuable diagnostic data that makes feedback much more actionable for our engineering teams. Further, the search and upvote capability in the Feedback Hub helps us quickly spot trends across users that may require attention.

There also is some news about how Microsoft manages feedback. The company has created the Customer Listening and Improvement Program (CLIP) to share what Microsoft is hearing, identify top issues, and work on delivering solutions as quickly as possible.

Just like with the Anniversary Update, The Windows 10 Creators Update is rolling out in stages. If you have not received the latest featured Windows 10 update yet, we previously detailed how the process works, and we invite you to check it out for an explanation as to why you need to wait before it shows up in Windows Update. And, if you're eager, we also remind you that you could always force the update by using the Upgrade Assistant.

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