Windows 10 Creators Update adds 770 new emojis, including rainbow flag, interracial couples

Arif Bacchus

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Emojis Creators Update

Microsoft’s latest featured update for Windows 10 brings a lot of changes under the hood of the operating system, and emojis are one of the areas which see improvements. While not as impressive as the 1700 new emojis and over 52,000 options seen in the Anniversary Update, the Windows 10 Creators Update adds 770 new emojis to the Windows experience, including rainbow flag, and interracial couples (via Emojipedia.)

Unlike the competition, Microsoft is including 288 emoji variations for interracial couples, which Emojipedia dubs is “a first for any major vendor.” This means that when the skin color and gender are counted, there are now over 2,381 total emojis in the Windows 10 Creators Update. Interestingly, the profession emojis take on a distinct thick outline, and technology emojis feature a tablet with a Microsoft logo (seen in the lead image above.) Gender and couple emojis also see changes in the Creators Update, and become more equal to each other.

Gender Equal
Gender Equal

Strangely, none of the new emojis is available on the touch keyboard input for Windows 10 and will need to copied and pasted from the web to work. And, the new interracial emojis will show as a sequence of individual emojis on other non-Windows platforms. There are also a number of other emoji changes, some which are noted by emojipedia and can be seen below.

  • ? People With Bunny Ears Partying (originally called “Woman With Bunny Ears”) has gone from a pink outfit to black
  • The ?️‍? Rainbow Flag (which is a ZWJ Sequence combining ? + ?) is now supported on Windows
  • ? Person Wearing Turban has grown a beard
  • ♿ Wheelchair Symbol has a more active appearance, as promoted by The Accessible Icon Project
  • ? Hundred Points loses its straight approach and gets a pleasing curve
  • ? Crystal Ball gained an additional amount of sparkle
  • ? Woman Dancing lost her eyes
  • ?‍♂️ Man Playing Handball switched from team green to team red
  • ?️ Man in Business Suit Levitating is closer to his ska-based Webdings origins with hat and sunglasses
  • ? Person Getting Massage shows sleeves on the descending hands, and the skin tone variants no longer change the skin tone of the masseuse as well
  • ? Megaphone is now white with a red stripe

Which emojis do you use with Windows 10? Do you have any favorites from the list? Let us know in the comments!