Windows 10 could overtake Windows 7 by December 2017

Kit McDonald

Microsoft has had a bit of a checkered past when it comes to providing effective operating systems. Many users still scorned by Vista and Windows 8 have decided to stick with Windows 7. Even when Windows 10 came out, many loyal users rejected the new OS. However, the push to have users upgrade might finally come to fruition as by the end of next year (via ZDNet).

A recent report from NetMarketShare shows that Windows 10 has been steadily rising since release as the preferred operating system. According to the numbers, Windows 7 is still sitting on its throne at 48% of devices, but as the lines indicate, not necessarily for too much longer. The OS has seen a shift downward steadily in comparison with the rise of Windows 10 devices over the course of the last year.

Desktop Top Operating System Share Trend (Source: Net Market Share)

It’s a given that desktop usage leveled out after Microsoft wasn’t offering the free upgrade to Windows 10 promotion anymore. But now it has begun to climb once more and gaining traction according to the estimated trajectory.

Extrapolated Windows market share trend, data from Net Market Share, extrapolation by David Gewirtz

While the prediction is assuming both might see the same trend moving forward, the announced new devices from Project Evo might increase Windows 10 adaptation significantly. It’s no doubt that these devices in collaboration with Intel will be released with Windows 10 preinstalled.

As ZDNet puts it, the December 2017 date might be a bit too optimistic, but considering the new devices coming mid next year, Windows 10 could certainly be looking to overthrow its predecessor. It’s only a matter of time.