Windows 10: Cortana gains a few new features in latest builds

Zac Bowden

Windows 10: Cortana gains a few new features in latest builds

Windows 10 build 10036 includes a number of interesting tidbits and features which Microsoft have been working on over the last couple months. One feature which has started receiving more updates is Cortana, and in build 10036 a few of those changes are available for use. Cortana in build 10036 is far from finished, as Microsoft is yet to finalize her UI and feature set.

A new option in build 10036 is the ability to train Cortana to help her better understand your voice. This helps fine tune the Hey Cortana feature, something which is already available on Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Denim. The process if fairly simple, Cortana asks you to say a few different phrases and you repeat them. Once you’ve finished, Cortana will understand you much easier.

Windows 10 Cortana

A few under the hood improvements are also apparent in this build. Cortana is way more faster than she was in build 9926, she instantly launches and can query your commands a lot faster than before. Many users suffered from continuous lag with Cortana in build 9926, and it appears those issues are gone now.

Hopefully we’ll see Cortana for the desktop roll out to more regions soon. As Windows 10 is set to RTM in just a few months, you can expect to see a number of other features and UI changes appear over the next few weeks, as the company begins to refine the personal assistant.