Windows 10 carrier billing for PCs expands to UK and Italy with Boku deal

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In our modern world it seems that almost everyone has a cellular device with a plan tied back to a mobile carrier. It is fitting then that with the support of Boku, Microsoft has announced that it is expanding the carrier billing service to the UK and Italy. This means that Windows 10 users with or without credit or debit cards in these areas will soon be able to pay for Store content with charges to their phone contacts (via Neowin.)

First announced back at Build 2015, carrier billing became available in the US when Sprint launched carrier billing for Windows Store purchases back in December of 2015. The feature even went global and became available in other Windows Store markets such as the Philippines. And, more recently, carrier billing even showed up in the latest Xbox Preview build.

Nonetheless, thanks to the support of Boku, folks with O2 Mobile plans in the UK, or Wind plans in Italy will now get to enjoy the convenience of paying for Windows Store purchases with a phone plan. Jon Prideaux, the CEO of Boku put the situation best and stated:

“Microsoft is a superb partner for Boku, and our relationship has been made even stronger with the addition of UK and Italy. In a matter of months, our agreement with Microsoft has expanded from one major developed market to five, and covers all Windows 10 devices; from phones and tablets, to desktop computers. This rapid expansion, with much more to come, is proof positive that carrier billing is becoming the world’s preferred alternative payment, regardless of consumer access to credit or bank cards.

So, if you live in the UK or Italy, head over to the Windows Store now to tie your mobile phone number to your Windows Store account and enjoy the convenience of carrier billing. Once you’ve got that done, please drop us a comment below telling us how you’re feeling now that you can pay for your Windows Store purchases with ease!

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