Windows 10 build 10565 brings new Skype integration

Michael Cottuli


Microsoft has owned Skype for some time now, and it only makes sense that they would start to use Skype’s technology to plug straight into Windows 10. With build 10565, this integration is finally here. With the new universal Messaging, Phone, and Skype video apps, Windows 10 users have access to Skype’s features directly from the Windows 10 interface.
Currently, these features are only available as a preview on the insider build of Windows 10 for desktop. These universal apps should be coming in an upcoming Windows 10 Mobile insider build in the near future however, allowing Windows 10 users on both PC and mobile call each other without needing to open up the Skype app.
Also in the new Skype updates in build 10565, the option to quick reply to notifcations in the action center is here. With this feature, you can send replies to instant messages without needing to open up the Messaging app. This is a nice edition for those who don’t want to put everything else on hold to reply to a message, and should do quite a bit to keep things productive when you’re going about your business.
As always in new insider features, “you can expect some bugs.” Nevertheless, you should hop into the new universal Skype apps and see if they’re to your liking.