Windows 10 build 10240 receives bug fixes in latest update

Image Credit: WinBeta

Even though it seems the Windows team is rushing to tie up loose strings on an expected RTM candidate of Windows 10 for PC OEMS, they are still maintaining support for the builds that are currently out. Moments ago, Windows 10 informant Gabe Aul dropped some update information for PC build 10240  that is being made available for download to Insiders.

The original tweet from Gabe was short on details about the update, but as he continued to converse with inquisitive Insiders and fans, more was revealed. The update according to Gabe, “it will be described as a security update, but that’s just because it’s cumulative and includes the last package’s security fix.” The new update comes with a package of fixes that are specifically tailored to address issues that have been reported in build 10240.

Referring to Gabe’s original tweet, most Insiders should receive the update automatically. For Insiders who choose to be as up to the minute with Windows updates and have a little free time on their hands, can force the update by going into their settings and refreshing the update options.

Currently, there are no blog post or Insider Hub details that accompany this update but once the update makes its rounds, we’re sure we’ll have news on what this update addresses.

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