Windows 10 build 10151 has leaked in zh-CN x64

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Windows 10

Windows 10 build 10151 has leaked onto the internet today in x64 flavor and in zh-CN. The leak originated from a Chinese server and is the newest build to leak publicly. Although 10151 is newer than 10147, the changes it includes will be small.

The leak, as stated above is in zh-CN and is x64. The ISO appears to be untouched, but considering only one ISO has leaked that is hard to confirm. Regardless, this leak is unofficial and as per usual, we do not recommend you download. We also do not tolerate links to the download.

Build 10151 most likely includes everything we covered in our build 10154 video, which you can check out below. What are your thoughts on todays leak? 

Thanks for the tip, @gus33000

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