Windows 10 Build 10134 has leaked onto the web in ISO form

Windows 10

Windows 10 build 10134 has just leaked onto the internet in ISO form, English US and in x64 bit flavor. The build is pretty much identical to build 10130 which was officially released to insiders just last week, so there's not much to be excited about if you're a standard Windows Insider.

As per usual we will not be linking directly to the download, furthermore, considering this is an unofficial build, you may encounter bugs more often. Bare that in mind.

The leak was first revealed in a tweet on Twitter with the hashtag #BuildTour, as Microsoft is holding BUILD events all across the world right now. This could mean the leak surfaced from someone at one of these BUILD events. Regardless, the ISO is now floating around the web.

From here on out, new Windows 10 builds will be more and more like the last as Microsoft has finally signed Windows 10 off as feature complete. Now it's bug fixes and code tweaks all the way to RTM, which is expected to happen sometime in the next few weeks. Stick around at WinBeta for more news regarding Windows 10.

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