Windows 10 build 10074: Volume control slider is now horizontal

WIndows 10 build 10074: Volume control slider is now horizontal

Microsoft is making neat little improvements with each new build of Windows 10. In the latest build of 10074, which appeared on Windows Update earlier today, Microsoft has changed the way we adjust the system volume. Instead of the classic vertical slider, you can now adjust the sound level with a horizontal slider (see image above).

Clearly a move to make things a little bit easier for those on a touch screen, as it makes for a more natural motion adjusting the slider horizontally, as opposed to vertically. Although this isn't earth-shattering news, it just goes to show you that Microsoft is clearly focused on making Windows 10 the best touch and non-touch operating system available. It feels a little weird having to adjust the volume horizontally with a mouse, but i'm sure i'll get used to it right away. How about you? Do you like this minor change?

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