This Windows 10 app lets users talk to Batman

Brad Stephenson

Cortana on Windows 10

The third-party Cortana expansion app, Cortanium, has just updated and added a rather entertaining feature; the ability to receive phonecalls from up to 40 different characters such as Batman, the Ninja Cat, Betty Rubble, and even Beyonce.

Cortanium essentially expands the functionality of Cortana but added extra commands and tasks to the virtual assistant. The Cortanium app doesn’t even have to be open to take advantage of its features, it just needs to be downloaded on the Windows 10 device.

Some of the features currently supported by Cortanium include asking Cortant to find movie and TV show recommendations, starting a timer with any standard format, receive and schedule fake phone calls from famous (and not-so-famous) people, retrieve OneDrive storage information, view and check in SharePoint documents, watch random videos and get random interesting facts, create new and random passwords, check into Foursquare or even get your Klout scores, interact with the Microsoft Band, check a user’s Microsoft Health or Fitbit summary, inspect the latest Xbox gamer stats, easily shutdown, restart, suspend, and log off your device, and more.

Here’s the official app description: Ready to take your device to the next level by leveraging the power of Cortana? You’ve come to the right place!

Cortanium adds over 25 new commands to Cortana, to use with voice or text, making your experience even simpler and more intuitive!

Easily do things via Cortana like get movie and TV recommendations, get today’s horoscope, check in a document in SharePoint, see how much OneDrive space you have available, or even get your Microsoft Band information, Xbox gamer information, and do a quick Foursquare check in!

There are tons of great things you can do with Cortanium, and lots more to come! Enjoy!

Have you tried Cortanium yet? Let us know which calls you’ve called yourself with in the comments below.

Developer: Liquid Daffodil
Price: Free