Windows 10 is also the next version of Windows Phone, following Windows Phone 8.1

Windows 10 is also the next version of windows phone, following windows phone 8. 1

We knew this was coming. We've all read the rumors that Microsoft was dropping the word "Phone" in "Windows Phone" in favor of just Windows. During the unveiling of Windows 10 earlier today, Microsoft confirmed in a Q&A session that the next version of Windows Phone, following Windows Phone 8.1, will be Windows 10.

Joe Belifore had the following to say during today's event:

"We're trying to blend the experience across PCs, tablets. The best way to think of it, it will be a natural step forward from the Windows 8.1 model. Part of the reason we organized the way we did, is there will be champions of every device type. It was intentional to put together the PC, tablet, phone. Similar capabilities, but at the end they differ."

Microsoft is building the operating system for desktop, tablets, and phones at the same time, but no word on how the operating system will be released. Will Windows 10 be available for smartphones at the same time as desktops? No one knows yet, not even Microsoft. Details are also very limited at this time, so we'll just have to wait a bit longer to find out what Windows 10 has in store for smartphones.

October 1st will be the day we get our hands on Windows 10, as part of the public preview. Stay tuned, as we venture into this next big Windows release.

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