Windows 10 19H1 SDK preview is now available for download for Windows Insiders

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Edge & Bing on Surface Pro

The first SDK Preview Build for Windows 10 19H1, otherwise referred to as Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 18272, is now available to download via the official Windows Insiders website.

This latest build really only contains the expected bug fixes though does also feature several “under development changes to the API surface area.” The official release blog post made a point to mention these four things for those installing it:

  • This build works in conjunction with previously released SDKs and Visual Studio 2017. You can install this SDK and still also continue to submit your apps that target Windows 10 build 1803 or earlier to the Microsoft Store.
  • The Windows SDK will now formally only be supported by Visual Studio 2017 and greater. You can download the Visual Studio 2017 here.
  • This build of the Windows SDK will install on Windows 10 Insider Preview builds and supported Windows operating systems.
  • In order to assist with script access to the SDK, the ISO will also be able to be accessed through the following URL: once the static URL is published.

Windows Insiders are used to test early builds of the Windows 10 operating system, such as the one mentioned above, before Microsoft pushes them out to the everyday user.

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