Window 10 Mobile users seeing build 10572 upgrade error

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Many users have come to find that their phones running Windows 10 Mobile are detecting an update to build 10572. Unfortunately, users aren't supposed to be seeing this as normally when a user wants to download a new build he or she must revert back to Windows Phone 8.1 with the Windows Device recovery tool before updating.
Presently, there's a bug in build 10549.4 that prevents the user from upgrading to a newer build. This means that even though the user can see that there's a new build available, he or she can't download and install it due to the bug. Microsoft says that it's fixed the issue in its internal builds, and that builds higher than 10575 should be able to update to the next build without the need for the user to revert back to Windows Phone 8.1 first.
Microsoft is working on a permanent fix for this issue that's causing users to see the new build but for right now, those concerned about this proglem can try this temporary fix.

  1. Reboot the device.
  2. Open the Windows Insider app.
  3. Re-select the Insider Preview ring wanted. (The Fast ring is the one currently affected users.)
  4. If prompted, reboot the device again.

Have you been seeing build 10572 available on your Windows 10 Mobile device? Let us know in the comments below.

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