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We got a nice little treat for our loyal readers. The guys over at Postcardly have kindly offered to give us 5 invite codes for their cool new postcard service. Postcardly turns your emails into real-life postcards, delivered by U.S. Mail. It’s especially great for staying in touch with older family members who don’t use computers.

This is the basic concept of the service. You set up an account and enter your recipient’s mailing information. You assigned a Postcardly email account for that person. Whenever you send an email to that account with a message and a picture, Postcardly will print it out automatically and mail it for you to that person. No stamps and no worries! You can send postcards from your phone or computer.

WinBeta Review and Giveaway: Postcardly Invites - - July 3, 2011

Users can share their accounts as well. This means that adults can send their kids pictures to the grandparents at home, and allow the kids to send their own pictures to their buddies. Just think of this as a cool and modern way to send postcards.

“The magic of postcards. Which is two things combined: 1) People love to hold pictures in their hands, especially pictures of people they love. They want to put them in their purse, tack them up on their fridge or cube wall, whatever. 2) Mail has become this awful thing, where it’s always unwanted junk, and you almost never get anything specifically to you, sent from someone you know. We grew up with personal mail, and this is a throwback for us—a chance to make going to pick up the mail something special again.”

At this point in time, Postcardly can only mail postcards to anywhere in the United States including Puerto Rico, APOs, and FPOs. They are hard at work on adding international mailing support and should have that done by the end of this month. Postcardly allows you to send postcards from anywhere in the world, however. Read the Postcardly FAQ here or check out their website here.

The service typically costs $4.99 per month for 5 postcards or $9.99 for 15 postcards. The company also allows you to prepay $19.99 for 20 cards, rather than pay for a subscription. You can start up a free trial to test the service, but you will only get 3 postcards.

In this giveaway, we are giving you an invite code that allows you 15 postcards for free and you DO NOT have to enter credit card information. How sweet is that? Try it out and you might just like it (we love it).

To enter this giveaway, you must:
1) Create an account on WinBeta. or Login via Facebook
2) Reply to this post to show your interest.
3) Like this post on Facebook (Hit the LIKE button above) and/or Tweet this post (Hit the Tweet button above).

Two winners will be chosen by July 30th and will receive a private message informing them of their win. Good luck to all!

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