WinBeta Podcast 26: Windows 10 Special

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Welcome to another episode of the WinBeta Podcast. This week is the Windows 10 Special of our show because the new operating system rolled out to the public this week. Because of the special occasion, we shied away from our usual top story style and made an entire episode on Windows 10. We went over its history, the Windows Insider program, the rollout this week, and where it’s headed in the future. We also touched on Windows 10 Mobile. Our poll this week was also on Windows 10, specifically how people think it will rank as an operating system.

We had a lot of fun this week and got to break down an operating system that we’re really passionate about. Next week we’ll be back to our standard format which is sure to include plenty more Windows 10 related news as well as all the biggest Microsoft related stories. If you have a question for next week's show, tweet it to us using #AskWinBeta. We'll pick out the best questions and answer them during the episode. During the live stream of the podcast we'll still stick around after to answer even more questions.

We broadcast each week live on YouTube at 3PM EDT and then post the video (shown above) and audio (shown below). You can also listen to us on iTunes, the Windows podcast app, TuneIn, and watch us on YouTube.

Whether you’re looking for good discussion and insight on Windows news, or just a good time with some guys who love tech, you’ll enjoy the podcast. During the full episodes of the show we discuss the Windows news of the week and then after each week’s episode recording we have a general discussion and Q&A with our viewers. If you can't join us live, you can share your thoughts in the comments, tweet us at @ZacB_ and  @Sean_Michael_UK or using #AskWinBeta,  and vote in our weekly polls.

Because we covered such an expansive timeline of Windows 10 coverage, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but here are links to many of the major topics we discussed this week:

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