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WinBeta Giveaway: Google Music Beta Invites

Google, not that long ago, announced that it would be creating its own music service that allows you to upload your music to Google's servers and stream them anywhere. This is obviously to compete with Apple. We are giving away 4 invites to 4 lucky readers, so enter now!

Google's music service involves an application called Music which will allow users to upload their music to Google's servers, similar to's recently launched Cloud Drive.

Google Music users can migrate their playlists and data from their iTunes account to their new Music account. The best part is that this music player will allow the user to access their music from a Web browser and their Android powered devices. Users can add up to 20,000 songs for free, which will most likely change after the test phase.

The best part is, you can take your library and upload it to Google's cloud servers. You can then access your playlists and stream it back to your computer at home, office, or anywhere! You can even download an Android app that allows you to stream your playlists to your Android phone. This is a cool service to use if you dont want to fill up your Android phone with all your music.

Take a look at this introduction video provided by Google:

We are giving away 4 invites to this service. This giveaway ends 08/11/11 and unfortunately is for US residents only. In order to qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

1) Have a minimum of 5 points (go here if you don't know what this is). This giveaway is for those who participate on the site. The minimum points can be achieved at any time, so if you don't have it, start posting comments! Begin by creating an account on WinBeta or login via Facebook.
2) Leave one comment on this post to show your interest. (repeated comments will be deleted and points deducted)
3) Like this post on Twitter or Facebook using the buttons above.

The winners have been chosen, congrats! Until next time..

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