Win $500 by voting for your favorite deal in Microsoft Madness

Win $500 by voting for your favorite deal in Microsoft Madness

Like the idea of bagging yourself $500 to spend in the Microsoft Store? Whether you have your eye on a new tablet, a phone, or a bundle of Xbox One games, you could win yourself a gift code by simply voting for your favorite deal in Microsoft’s take on March Madness.

Head over to the Microsoft Store and you can start voting in four rounds — you’ll need to register to take part, and the only requirement is that you live in the US. You’ll then have to spend a moment or two choosing between pairs of offers; do you prefer the idea of 30 percent off keyboards and mice, or 30 percent off removable storage, for instance?

Having made your selections, you can submit your bracket and then sit back and wait for the next round to come around. At the end of each period, the most popular deal will go through to the next round ready for the next batch of votes — and so on, and so on until a winner is decided upon!

You are free to vote once every day between now and 3 April 2014, and every time you vote you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of three $500 gift code.

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