Will Windows RT tablets cost around $700 and still compete with Apple’s iPad?

Microsoft is fancying their chances of leading the Tablet market with Windows RT. According to an IDC analyst Tom Mainelli, Windows RT tablets are likely to cost around $500 – $700. This is a major setback for those who were planning to buy cheap Windows RT based tablet.

“My biggest concern is that Windows RT tablets could be many times more expensive than the Amazon Fire price of $200 — even something as high as $599 and above, which is a concern for their viability,” IDC analyst Tom Mainelli stated.

With the availability of many cheap tablets in the market, such as Kindle Fire and many other Android based tablets, Windows RT tablets will have to face a major challenge in establishing themselves in the market. Microsoft needs to re-evaluate the price if the company wants to face a direct competition with the iPad since the iPad starts at $499. To lead the tablet market, Microsoft will have to end the dominance of iPads which can be done either by keeping the prices low or by providing compelling features. On one hand, Windows RT tablets will include Office 15 productivity apps at no extra cost whereas on the other hand Windows RT will not run the legacy desktop apps, so you are kind of restricted to the Metro interface.

A lot of hardware vendors have stepped up and have taken Windows RT as another opportunity to rule the tablet market which has resulted in some breath taking tablets. At the Computex we saw a lot of those such as ASUS Windows RT Tablet 600 which is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core mobile processor.

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