Will the Windows 8 Release Candidate be compiled at build 8400?

The Windows 8 Release Candidate is next on the list in the development phases of Windows 8, after the success of the Consumer Preview, Microsoft are working overtime to release the RC to the public, but what build will the RC be compiled at?

Taking a look back at the Windows 8 Developer Preview, the OS was released at the compiled build of 8102, and the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was compiled at build 8250. There is a 150 (148 to be exact) build difference between the two releases, so could the RC follow in these footsteps?

If so, then we can expect the Release Candidate to be compiled at build 8400, just another 150 builds after the Consumer Preview. It also makes sense, as the latest Windows 8 build was compiled at 8307 just days ago, it has taken Microsoft just under a month to compile 57 builds of Windows 8, and with recent rumours suggesting the RC to be released in late May/early June, than 8400 seems very reasonable.

Think about it, 1 month = 50 builds. The Consumer Preview was released on the last day of February, here is where it gets a little complicated:

End of February (Build 8250) + 1 month (50 builds) = end of March (Build 8300) + 1 month (50 builds) = end of April (Build 8350) + 1 month (50 builds) = end of May/early june (Build 8400)

Now obviously, Microsoft like to jump builds, and the latest known build is 8307, which was compiled on the 22nd of March. This means that Microsoft are ahead in compiling builds, which does mean there is a chance that all of the above it wrong. But who knows, Microsoft could slow down within the next two months.

Remember, this is just a prediction and should be taken as a prediction, everything read here has been taken from suggestions, ideas, Microsoft and other sources. None of the above has been confirmed.

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